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Consultant, 2016+

Website Coordinator, 2012 - 2015

Multimedia Assistant, 2011

My role at BetterEvaluation has involved all aspects of website design, development and maintenance, including monitoring performance, contributing to ongoing site improvements, creating and reviewing content, managing users and feedback, monitoring and reporting website statistics, and supporting the core team in project activities.

About BetterEvaluation

BetterEvaluation (Australia and New Zealand School of Government [ANZSOG], Melbourne) is an international collaborative project aimed at improving evaluation theory and practice through sharing and generating information.

Program Managers' Guide to Evaluation

Most recently, I've been responsible for designing and directing the development of the Program Managers' Guide to Evaluation—a nine step guide for planning and managing evaluations, which features a tool, the GeneraTOR, designed to assist and guide users in writing and exporting a Terms of Reference document for their evaluation.

Mobile and desktop designs for the Program Managers' Guide to Evaluation:

Nick Herft - Evaluation Commissioners Guide design

Working with the BetterEvaluation team in Melbourne, I transformed the drafted content from a Word document into a Wordpress prototype. This enabled them to discuss and collect feedback on the content and structure of the guide.

Nick Herft - Evaluation Commissionsers prototype

IDRC-specific information

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada) financially supported the development of this guide, intending to circulate it within their department. To be useful for their staff, some of the content contained information about their guidelines, policies, and private resources.

We all wanted to make the guide publicly available, however, we had to deal with the IDRC information efficiently and securely. We didn't want to create two versions of the guide for IDRC and the public as this would create excessive work in content development and management, not to mention the guide also being translated into Fran├žais, essentially resulting in 4 guides, about 40,000 words in total.

I suggested we confine IDRC-specific details to single fields for each page, then dynamically display them to users logged in with their IDRC account.



IDRC-SPECIFIC INFORMATION: If you are an IDRC member, please login to see information specific to IDRC.


BetterEvaluation has an external development team that handles hosting and development tasks. I work with them closely to test, refine, and ensure all developments are to specification.

I communicated the design and development specifications for the guide using wireframes, sitemaps and content models.

This sitemap gave an overview of how the guide would integrate into the BetterEvaluation website:

Nick Herft - sitemap

This sitemap gave a full overview of the guide itself, giving the developers the complete picture of what was to be developed:

Nick Herft - sitemap

This sitemap, paired with the content model below it, identified the two new content types required for creation and their content fields.

Nick Herft - content model and sitemap

The separate content fields enabled us to:

Landing page wireframe for the Program Managers' Guide to Evaluation:

Nick Herft - Wireframe

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