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System Designer and Developer, 2015+

AcT needed technical assistance and advice on developing a database to capture, process and report information. They were using a combination of separate tools (Excel spreadsheets and Access databases) which were limited in functionality and becoming increasingly difficult to use.

My task was to analyse their tools and devise a solution that would improve usability and advance overall functionality.

About AcT

Accountability in Tanzania (AcT) (KPMG, Dar es Salaam) aims to increase the responsiveness and accountability of Government in Tanzania through a strengthened civil society.

Risk Register

The solution I developed for AcT features a Risk Register. This enables them to perform risk assessments and update information regarding specific risks, their probability, status, mitigation strategies, and other details.

The Risk Register needed to automatically calculate the risk score of an assessment whilst being updated. I was given a legend defining each risk level and colour:

Risk scores

Using large digits and a background colour reflecting the risk level, I was able to dynamically display feedback to the user about the current risk score and level of a risk assessment.

Risk score - 201

The problem with this design is it was hard to tell if a score was approaching the next level of risk. The 5 shades between green and red were also difficult to distinguish, making it sometimes challenging to determine the exact risk severity.

So I went back to design and thought about how to package all the levels and a score indicator as efficiently as possible..

Nick Herft - Risk score designing

I decided a bullet graph would be the best way to visualise the risk score. With some adjustments to the colours I produced this result:

100 160 220 280 340400

This made it easy to see where the risk score was positioned in the entire range and if it was approaching the next level.

Conveniently, using the same design, I was able to build a dashboard showing the latest risk scores for each organisation:

100 160 220 280 340400
Org A
Org B
Org C

I chose to develop these data visualisations from scratch using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. This enabled me to seamlessly integrate clean and functional visualisations that only showed the user what they needed to see. Nothing more and nothing less.

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