We wanted to communicate several important messages in BetterEvaluation's 2nd birthday infographic:

Amongst these key messages, we also wanted readers to be able to explore contributed content on the BetterEvaluation website.

BetterEvaluation infographic Click to view PDF (1.41MB)

I designed the infographic in Illustrator then used InDesign to embed hyperlinks and export to PDF. This enabled users to download our infographic, share it with colleagues, and click through to explore the BetterEvaluation website.

Looking back...

Besides refining design imperfections, I would add a hyperlink under the graphics on the first page to lead users to a landing page with more in-depth information about BetterEvaluation and its activities. There's a lot to discuss about BetterEvaluation and it would be too much for the one infographic, so giving users that option to find out more if they're interested would be useful.