Conference banner

BetterEvaluation exhibited at the Australasian Evaluation Society conference in Darwin (2014) and Melbourne (2015).

BetterEvaluation banner for AES conference

Looking back...

I think we tried to communicate far too much in the one graphic. There's the tagline, the introductory paragraph, the explanation of the Rainbow Framework and the 7 clusters, then the founding partners and financial supporters. There's way too much information for something that should be easy to digest. It did however, catch the eye and attracted conference goers.

If I were to redesign this, I'd focus on a maximum of three key messages using minimal text:

  1. " - sharing and generating information to improve evaluation."
  2. "Our Rainbow Framework organises over 300 evaluation options into 7 evaluation tasks."
  3. "Founding partners | Financial supporters."

I'd then let the website (and myself, being at the conference) do the rest of the explaining.

Bonus pic of me at the conference:

Nick Herft at AES conference